Thursday, February 26, 2009

What mamacita is ...

This was maybe the fourth time I tried to watch it.
Why is this movie so bad?

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  1. A better question about The Life Aquatic is why you keep trying to watch it if it's bad. Or are you giving up good movies for Lent?

  2. I've tried to watch it several times, too. Just can't manage to do it.

  3. Do you think Texas Monthly has gone downhill? Is it worth a subscription?

  4. I don't really think TX Monthly is worth it. I remember when my parents would fight over who got to read it first. Now, not so much. Also, I feel like it's San Antonio-heavy. I just bought this issue because it was "Texas Style" and I'm shallow like that.

  5. I enjoy reading the "Texanist." Sarah Bird is good. But I'm way tired of old dudes like Jap Cartwright. Did you know that the editor is a vegetarian Yankee? Shocking.

  6. This affirms my lifelong belief that Texans are indeed AWESOME!! Seriously, it's is still one of the most uniquely distinct cultures on the American landscape.

    (You know, I have family from Texas...Tyler and Galveston, my Dad is from there and that's where my half-sister grew up.)

    Peace & Love from Crazy California!!!

  7. Tyler & Galveston= good peeps, RR. Is that why you were named "Rose?"

  8. Try watching Life Aquatic like you are sitting in front of a moving painting for a couple of hours. Ha! I did manage to get through it and loved the art direction but I thought it was kinda silly. And, I am just not a fan of Bill Murray's acting - he should shtick to comedy.