Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I was thinking about at 2:17 this morning:

Douche patrol

2:17-- WTF? Why is the neighbor's car alarm going off?
2:20-- Seriously, WTF?
2:21-- What can I wear tomorrow that will allow me to sleep until 4 minutes before I have to be at work?
2:22-- Are my children really aliens?
2:35-- I think the lamppost in the front yard is a symbol of everything I've always wanted.
2:37-- What can I do with the puff pastry in the freezer?
2:37-- Am I a bandwagon fan if I like Elizabeth Peyton?
2:38-- Has any car alarm in history actually stopped an auto theft?
2:39-- I really need a pair of black patent flats.
2:44-- And maybe a pair of burgundy ones.
2:45-- They can't get the alarm to stop.
2:46-- Where is Papi's gun?
2:49-- Why haven't I ever achieved anything in life? Have I always taken the easy way out?
2:50-- What can I eat for lunch tomorrow?
2:53-- What is the French word for sprezzatura?
2:55-- Dude, revving the engine isn't helping; think of something else.
2:55-- Why does Coldplay piss me off so much?
2:57-- If Emmet is sick again tomorrow, can I stay home with him and sleep in?


  1. Did you write this down at the time, or did you recall it in the morning?!

    This is priceless; kind of a American middle-class James Joyce ( I know I'm assuming things here...)!

  2. I scribbled it down last night and deciphered it this morning. And I'm pretty sure I'm the type of person Joyce would have satirized.

  3. OMG you totally made my day! I do this every night at 3 a.m. I was beginning to think I was possessed!

  4. I think you're absolutely brilliant.
    My thoughts at that same hour last night were not nearly as organized... I hope you got to stay home today!

  5. My mind races all night long....I really do not think straight until the sun goes down. I need to get that pen and paper to put beside my bed. Great post.

  6. If you know enough to wonder if you're bandwagon for liking Elizabeth Peyton than you're not bandwagon for liking her.

    But you're cracking me up with the Coldplay comment. I know!

  7. I fucking hate Coldplay. Pussies, that's what they are!