Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Celebrities' Favorite Websites

As reported by In Style magazine:

Julianne Moore: HuffPo (GROAN)
Angie Harmon: Newsbusters (Double GROAN -- oh Angie, you're so pretty...)
Sharon Stone: Webkinz (that I can believe)
Camilla Belle: Food Network (pants on fire)
Tom Ford: "Youporn.com has the best free porn around. It's true! Is that a bad thing to say? If I'm tired of porn and want to shop for a new lamp, 1stdibs.com is good."

Do we have any cabinet positions still open? I love Tom Ford.


  1. And I'm pretty sure he loves you.

    How could he not?


  2. Never was really sure if I liked him. Now I'm sure.