Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Internet Fun

[shown: not my score, bitchez.]

Spend some time testing your sense of color at the Munsell Hue Test. I scored an 11 (lower scores are better). I don't know if that's average, or what. I tried to get a better score, but it got worse every time I did it. What did you get?

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenters, I had to go back and spend 10 minutes trying to get a better score. I got to a 4 immediately when I started using my laptop (instead of the desktop at work), and then I finally got them all right. A 4 means that you're only off by one square, Sara.

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  1. I scored 117.
    Is this why you don't let me dress the kids if they are going to be seen in public... or private?

  2. I scored a 4. No clue if that means we are almost the same or not -- 4 and 11 seem pretty close on a 1 to 1520 range of possibilities for our age.

    When I did the Johnson O'Connor aptitude testing, they had a test that was almost identical, fwiw. I scored better than I expected on that one. I could dig up my percentiles if you're really interested.

    Thanks for digging this up!

  3. I got a perfect score on this one, but after having to paint these charts mixing the colors by hand, drop by drop in color theory class, I damn well better get a perfect score. And that miserable hag of a professor gave me a B. I'm not bitter. Really.

  4. We're restraining ourselves.. the Spousal Unit continues to crow about his score: an 8. (That's really why we're delaying, we won't even be close.)

    Have a splendid rest of the week!

  5. I saw these and thought of you. Maybe not the Crackwhore one...



  6. I need a beer for this and I don't drink......

  7. LOVE THEM. And that's MS. Crackwhore to you.

  8. Link won't work for me and now I am really sad, cause I think I could totally kick ass on that quiz. I actually ENJOYED doing the Munsen color charts in color theory >_>

  9. A 93! Which, if I say so myself, ain't bad for a color-blind woman!