Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be writing a blog.

Hello, fellow babies. I am going to put my bottle of Vicodin down long enough for this one post. Amazon is running a scented-glossy-magazine subscription special that might be worth your while. Right now you can get:

One year of Sunset (12 issues) for $11.

Two years of House Beautiful (yep, 24 issues) for $10.

One year of Country Living (12 issues) for 5 whole dollars. [Yeah, I know: Country Living? But they have a new editor, and they have been bringing it lately.]

One year of Penthouse Letters (1-year) for less than $20. Hey, D, do they send you a free copy when your letter is published?

Hell, there are a bunch of them at end-of-times-for-print-media prices. And the deals are valid for renewals as well as new purchases.

I ordered about 10 of these for myself as a get well present. It's true, babies: I finally got those butt implants. Coming soon to a rap video near you.

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