Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I can't remember the last time I was excited about so many movies coming up. Wanna see some trailers? [You: Yes! Yes!] Great.

First up: In the Loop. The description from VSL:

Thanks to an ill-advised slip during a television interview, a bumbling British government minister (Tom Hollander) finds himself backing the U.S.’s war in the no-country-specified Middle East, much to the dismay of the prime minister’s communications chief (a ranting-and-raving Peter Capaldi, who steals every scene). As tensions between the allied countries increase, the Brits head to Washington, where they really learn about bureaucracy at its most idiotic. The film is fast-paced and almost unbearably witty, with terrific turns by Steve Coogan, David Rasche, Mimi Kennedy and James Gandolfini, putting Tony Soprano out to pasture with his absurd turn as a U.S. general.

Opens 7/24 in limited release.

More trailers to come.

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