Thursday, July 2, 2009

'Round the Clock

So I was invited to a 'Round-the-Clock wedding shower, and I am so excited. I mean, how cute are these invitations?

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept: for a 'Round-the-Clock shower, every guest is asked to bring a gift that the couple would use at a particular hour of the day. For 8 am you might give a coffeemaker, for midnight you might give a set of sheets, for 10 pm you might give...I dunno, a universal remote?

As you can see, I've been assigned to bring a gift for 10:00 am. Since I have only a passing familiarity with 10:00 am, I'm looking for suggestions. I mean, sure, your first thought is "vodka," but what if the 9:00 am person brings that? So what else do you use at 10:00 am?


  1. Mamacita, you helped me so much with my "red party" gift dilemma, I just have to weigh in here, you sweet thing!
    At the hour of 10:00 am whether I am at work or at home I am getting thirsty! Since it is 102 degrees here lately I've been drinking a lot of water. I just came back from a trip to North Carolina and our lovely hostess had this pitcher that was a fish that gurgled when you poured water out of it. It was so cute! I drank more water just to hear it make that noise! Just google "GurglePot" and lots will come up. I'm sure it will still "gurgle" when filled with vodka, OJ, whatever.

    Other great 10:00 am weekend gifts may include: a waffle maker, muffin pans with muffin mix, some lovely vintage swizzle sticks (I prefer the kind with whistles on them so you can loudly indicate when you need another beverage) or a good cookbook with great brunch recipes. My favorite is the one from Brennan's. Because what else would you need besides eggs benedict, strawberries and cream and mimosas? God bless Brennan's...Those Junior League ladies usually have nice cookbooks too.

    I also like to put on some great music at around that time. Currently in rotation we have a lot of Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Good tunes can really get the weekend off to a great start! Presumably these folks don't have children yet so they won't have to deal with the sabotage that a soccer game at an ungodly hour can cause. Total buzz killer.

    If you don't like these ideas, here are some more random ones: yoga mat, vaporizer, engraved flask or cigarette case, water goblets, linen napkins, vintage tablecloths on etsy, or some contraceptives.

    Good luck Mamacita!

  2. My mom suggested bloody mary mix.

  3. 10 am...on weekends that's usually when i wake up. However, the rest of the world might be eating brunch! I think a belgian waffle iron would be awesome.

  4. I am with Jen, I tend to get up about that time, But If they are going to work shift work an alarm clock. If they are normal people, i can't comment because I don't know what normal people do.....

  5. 10 am for me usually is cleaning time. So how about a handheld vacuum? And of course a bottle of to go with it. :)

  6. I was thinking brunch, too -- and I second Leticia's Mom's idea of bloody mary mix -- it will give you an excuse for giving her vodka, which we all know is what you want to do anyway. (And may I recommend Tito's?)

  7. Weighing in late too, but a waffle iron, or the cleaning things would be great!