Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bad advice: A Roundup

I’m beginning to have my suspicions about the people at Apartment Therapy. As evidence I offer these gems:

From 7 Simple Upgrades for the Bathroom, comments section

Don't underestimate the great look of a large clear apothecary jar filled with hotel-sized bath products. Great for guest bathrooms -- your guests can choose their own guest-sized grooming products from your cache.

Are you running a hotel? How many guests do you regularly accommodate? Where did people get the idea that hotels are the pinnacle of elegance to which we should all aspire? Having people stay with you is an intimate experience. Let them use a fresh bar of your own soap.

From Reader Review: Darlene Bakes from Jessica Seinfeld’s New Cookbook, comments section

The best thing you can do for your child is to find a way to prepare foods in a way they actually enjoy. If they don't like steamed carrots, try different cooking methods and recipes until they discover a carrot dish they can eat. It's more work but it's also more honest and there's no 'tricking' a loved family member into doing something.

Oh my God, how could you trick your beloved children? [The posts on Jessica Seinfeld’s book are priceless.]

From Healthy Eating: Alternative Sprouts Sandwich

One of our favorite vegetarian lunches is a sandwich made of good bread, a thick layer of cream cheese, and a fistful of sprouts.

Hearty, chewy bread? Check. Tangy cream cheese? Check. Fucking grass? Check!


  1. I am kind of repulsed by that sandwich. It makes my stomach turn.

    I always love when people have hotel samples at their houses for me. You know, cause I giggle thinking about stealing them like I do at the hotels. Is it wrong to steal something that is already stolen?

  2. I love fucking grass! Wait, did I just say that I love having sex with grass? I meant that I love sprouts, but I would much rather eat a Nutella confection whipped up by you, Mamacita.
    Anyone who's been a parent for more than 3 months knows that the only way to get things done is to use deception and trickery constantly.
    Sheesh. Parenting 101.

  3. I think that you're being entirely too close-minded about the sprouts. Everyone knows that they can be used in any dish as a protein or fat substitute. Doesn't a sproutburger sound wonderful? And I'm sure that E&B would wolf down macaroni and sprouts with no deception or trickery necessary.