Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thoughts on the Democratic Process

Becca: "I want Martha to be President."

Papi: (a lengthy explanation of why Martha, as a convicted felon, cannot be President)

Becca: "But I want Martha to be President. She's a good cooker."

Apparently being President is like being the Mommy of the whole country.


  1. haha can you imagine??

    "my fellow americans, i have hand knitted the newest uniforms for our military with wool made from only the finest dog hair"

  2. You know, your daughter may be a Constitutional genius. The Constitution specifies the eligibility requirements for being President (natural-born US citizen, 14 years a resident, at least 35 years old), and it does not allow Congress to restrict eligibility further. Martha may not be able to vote because of the felony conviction, but I don't see why it would exclude her from being eligible to be President.

  3. Yep, Constitutional scholar. That's my girl.