Friday, March 7, 2008

Bollywood Condom PSA

Why can't we have PSAs like this?

HT: The London Blog


  1. oh.



    that was one of the strangest, most annoying yet can't stop watching experiences i've ever had...

    and thanks...i'll never be able to look at a condom again without hearing indian music and laughing out loud (which could be very very bad at the wrong moment haha)

  2. Ok, the tune was so catchy I couldn't stop watching it. I totally agree with Biddy that it was a can't stop watching experience. I most enjoyed the "gay people need to wear me too" part with the pencil drawing of the two gay men...I think I will have to bookmark that one and watch it again!

  3. Great. Just great. I have a meeting at my daughter's school in twenty minutes and I am going to be humming to condom song now!