Saturday, July 5, 2008

We Must Be Cool: We're In Austin

Since we've got this NaBloPoMo/food thing going on, you get to hear what I ate for lunch.

(photo via AusLunch)

We got here yesterday afternoon (the 4th) in time to get a picnic from Schlotzsky's [did you know their veggies pesto pizza is pretty good?] and some Pimm's from the liquor store. We went swimming at aunt Margaret's apartment and hoped to see the fireworks. Well, we could see them, if we stood on a deck chair and looked through the tree branches and a little to the left. Hey, the kids were happy enough about the swimming. And Nannie and I were happy enough about the Pimm's.

(photo via Austin Chronicle)

Today we went to Iron Works BBQ for lunch. They like to keep it real -- no A.C. -- but the deck was nice, and we looked out on to Waller Creek and watched the turtles. The barbecue was pretty good; not as good as Goode, but good.

After lunch we went to the Austin Children's Museum, then to Amy's Ice Cream. At Amy's I had "Cop Stop" ice cream -- coffee ice cream with chunks of cake donuts inside. So very, very bad, but so very, very good. Then we went to the state Capitol, where we climbed every available stair, and to Toy Joy, where approximately 75% of the inventory was duly noted in the birthday lists. Then we stopped by the University, where we rolled on our bellies down the south mall (a trick to head off a Becca meltdown). Then we went to watch the bats depart the Congress Avenue bridge for the evening.

Finally we went to Magnolia Cafe, where the food was also pretty good. Famously good gingerbread pancakes, but the revelation there was the lemon sour cream for enchiladas (and nachos). That was pretty yum.

And, in reciting the day's events, Becca chided me for not mentioning that we stopped to get gas on the way home. So yeah, we did that, too.


  1. Schlotzsky's might just be the number one thing I miss about living in Texas. Driving between Austin and Dallas we would always stop at one near the Baylor campus in Waco. There is one in Washington, DC, but it isn't too convenient so I only get there once or twice a year.

    I'm so jealous!

  2. I love Iron Works. My beloved went to school in Austin, so I made him take me on a nostalgia tour. Iron Works was our first stop. We ate out on the deck. Cold beers and hot BBQ, it was heaven. I liked it so much I made him take me back before we flew home.

  3. my heart is breaking. i miss austin. your mention of toy joy and magnolia sent me right back to college. throw in a mexican martini at trudy's and i am 21 again. :)

  4. i was in austin weekend before last!

    and, i'm pretty sure i'm STILL full from brunch at magnolia!!