Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Night I Died From Happiness*

Do you remember seeing the movie Elf and being surprised that Zooey Deschanel did her own singing because it was really just so lovely? You thought, "Oh wow, I guess she can really sing." Well, YEAH, she CAN.

She has a new record out with some dude named D. M. Ward -- they perform as the duet "She and Him." [And I would like you all to take notice that I am excited about a record that not only came out this decade, but in fact came out this week year.] And yes, I nearly died from happiness when I listened to it. Here are some samples.

"Change Is Hard"

"Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"

"You Really Got a Hold on Me"
(I don't like the video -- and I don't think it's "official" -- but the song is too good to miss.)

And for this happiness, I owe a tip of the hat to d.Sharp and The Ghost of Electricity.

*The night I died from happiness, even though Emmet threw up all night and was super whiny. THAT'S how good the record is.


  1. That girl is talented, cute and in short, adorable. I will buy this.

  2. what i am about to say is historical, as i believe it has never been uttered before: she's a better singer than she is an actress.

  3. i absolutely love "really got a hold on me" and this version is fantastic!

    but srsly? what the hell kind of video is that!?!? people are so strange

  4. M. (not D.) Ward is a well known singer-songwriter whose last album was praised by numerous publications, including Vanity Fair.

    The She & Him album actually came out back in March.

  5. Oh, hello, Anonymous. I'm SO glad you stopped by. As it happens, the CD was released in the UK this week -- that's where my information came from. And yes, I did know about Mr. Ward's previous musical accomplishments -- the "some dude" comment was a JOKE, you see.

    Back to the Vanity Fair music reviews with you, Tool.