Sunday, July 6, 2008

Avec Eric

Did you know that Le Bernadin chef Eric Ripert has a blog? Wait, it gets better: the blog, which is sponsored by Cuisinart (among others), is running a series called "Toasted." It's all about preparing simple-yet-delicious food in the toaster oven. This is all very exciting.


  1. But Mamacita, you don't have a toaster oven!

  2. Thanks, Mamacita for this link. I sold my stove, my fridge and my dishwasher. The new ones have arrived and they sit in my porch still in their wrapping.

    It will occur to Veto sometime in the near future that a complete kitchen renovation will be required in order to fit the new appliances into the old, small voids left by my old appliances.

    Until then, I will be cooking solely with the use of toaster oven and waffle iron. Wish me luck.

  3. Good luck, Saucy!

    1) Get a crock pot. I love mine so much I want to marry it.

    2) My mom has actually been cooking with a similar setup for about 15 years. Her oven and range are broken, and she and my dad have been going back-and-forth about repairing it all this time (it's a 1942 oven).

    Anyhow, she uses her toaster oven and microwave a lot, supplemented with the crockpot, when people are coming over, and of course an outside grill. And yeah, they eat out a lot.