Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drink of the Week: Vodka Gimlet

Vodka Gimlet

This recipe for a vodka gimlet is attributed to Stuart Woods [who better than a pulp novelist to give a drink recipe?]:

"Pour six ounces of vodka from a 750 ml bottle; replace with six ounces Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice (available from nearly any grocery). Add a small amount of water for ice crystals, shake twice and store in the freezer overnight. Pour into a martini glass and serve straight up.

"The glass will immediately frost over. With this recipe, no cocktail shaker is required and the cocktail is not watered down by melting ice. You may use even the cheapest vodka, and no one will ever know."

I personally would go for more lime syrup and less vodka, but to each his own.

photo via Flickr user brittney


  1. Houston heat sometimes requires me to serve the gimlet over ice, and to add seltzer water to make it a tall drink. I also think that a squeeze of fresh lime juice makes it more summery. I don't know if it still counts as a gimlet, but it is delicious.

  2. Yum. I could go for one right now.

  3. I'd go for more vodka and less Roses or half Roses and half fresh lime, but I'm a sourpuss

  4. You're going old school this week. Is it the Mad Men effect? Season 2 starts tomorrow night!

    Hey, I bought a bottle of Lillet to try your Fresca trick. Need more suggestions for how to find the bottom of the bottle. Any thoughts? I'm thinking orange slices and lots of ice. It's sweeter than I remember.

  5. Oy, sorry about the Lillet. I mean, it's okay, but it's never gonna be one of my favorites. If you like martinis, there's the James Bond martini, a.k.a. the Vesper. This looks intriguing, too. The sure-fire way to find the bottom of a bottle is always to invite a guest over.

    I hope you took me up on the Pimm's, though -- that is some good stuff.

    @modernemama -- I have a special place in my heart for sourpusses.