Thursday, April 16, 2009

BB's Cajun Cafe

Fried Pickles (bad lighting courtesy of neon signs)

I went with Uncle John to BB's Cajun Cafe on Tuesday evening. First things first -- I was excited to see fried pickles on the menu. Did I say excited? I probably meant ecstatic. Anyway, I was a little surprised when the pickles came out in a cornmeal batter, but hey -- I'm ecumenical about frying materials. They were pretty good, I have to say, especially since fried pickles are a little hard to find in Houston.

I asked for the 1/2 poboy & cup-of-soup combo: fried shrimp poboy with shrimp etouffee. I'm sorry to tell you that the etouffee was that typical, goopy stuff you get in restaurants. The shrimp poboy wasn't bad, though. Nice bread, but the shrimp might have been a bit overcooked.

Unfortunately, Uncle John decided to take Robb Walsh's advice and order the grits and grillades. Uncle John should have known better, as we have discussed on many occasions how very wrong Mr. Walsh is -- he is wrong about barbecue, about Tex-Mex; for all I know he parts his hair on the wrong side and ties his shoelaces incorrectly. Anyway, the grits and grillades were disappointing. The gravy had an odd flavor I couldn't identify (but was apparently not poisonous).

So if you're really dying for a poboy, or fried pickles, you could do worse than BB's. [Ragin' Cajun comes to mind immediately when you say "worse."] I wasn't real impressed with the rest of the menu.

Also, according to Mr. Walsh, BB's doesn't have a liquor license yet, so the daiquiris are being made with wine. If that's true, it's kinda sad. I hope they clear that up soon, because they're the only place (I know of) in Houston that sells daiquiris to go. One day I'll tell you all about the drive-through daiquiri shacks of Southwest Louisiana. Good times...


  1. Wow, that looks awesome. I recommed:

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  3. Ask Carl about his Daiquiri Shack frequent customer card. Colorado Bulldog, please!