Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, I'm in Love

Every now and then I fall in love with Lifehacker all over again. To wit:

Michael Ruhlman on Freeing Yourself From Recipes
Ratios! Alton Brown/ Cook's Illustrated fans, rejoice.

Track Your Purchases As They Happen at Xpenser
Greatest invention since Book Burro. I pity the fool who doesn't use Book Burro.

Download 773 Free MP3s from Amazon

Yard Sale Treasure Map Plots Out Your Weekend Plundering
Haven't used it yet, but I'm already hyperventilating over the possibilities.


  1. And here I was thinking that this post title referred to me. Ha.


  2. mamacita: wednesday, we're in love...may we list you as wwjd? on blogroll, or doyathink it's going to lead someone down the wrong primrose path? :)

  3. Victoria -- I'd be honored to appear on your blogroll. And I live my life by the saying, "If you can't serve as a good example, then at least be a horrible warning."

  4. :)

    you are FABULOUS example...adore it...