Monday, September 28, 2009

Cthulu Was Here

Today I started doing the work of two people, still with my part-time hours and no pay increase, of course. It was coming in from all sides, so right now I'm hiding under my desk. Don't worry, I found some Cheez-Its under here; I should be fine for a while.

The best part of today was the "Wishing to Join" card that some kid left in a collection plate:

Date: 6-6-06
Name: vampire
Home: 1563 Lodge Center
Work: killing demons
Birthdate: 1891, April 1
Have you been baptized: No
Transferring from: waste management


  1. I love it! How creative...probably a True Blood enthusiast. I tell you Mamacita, that show is good!!!

  2. Maybe he's related to our fellow alumnus: Overlord Vicivus from fbook!

    Who is no longer there, causing you to do the work of two minions, or are you drinking the koolade now?

  3. The other secretary left. They have not asked me to preach yet, unfortunately.