Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Movie Night

A few weeks ago, we started having Family Movie Night on Fridays. It was originally supposed to be Family Game Night, but after the fifteenth round of Cranium Cadoo in five minutes, I realized I wasn't cut out for Family Game Night.

So a couple of weeks ago, we watched The Incredibles, which is an awesome movie, I don't care who you are. Then last week we watched Annie Get Your Gun, which was also great.

This week we're watching Flipper (the original 1963 version). Emmet has asked questions about every single thing going on. "Who's that guy? Why did he go in the water? Is that dolphin going to be okay?" Papi has taken to making up answers, all of which Emmet believes: "He's going to eat the dolphin. Yeah, the mom is going to cut up the dolphin and cook it. That dad really hates dolphins." And so on.

The best part is watching the kid do all the chores. That sort of labor is entirely foreign around here. Papi suggested that we might trade our kids in for kids who do chores. Emmet said, "But Daddy, we're the most playful kids! Other kids aren't so interested in playing with you."

FWIW, we were 45 minutes into the movie when Becca asked, "Is that a dolphin or a shark?" Yeah, we're not too sure about her.

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