Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Children Are Now Minions of the Red Army

My kids didn't get to watch the Commandant's President's speech this morning, because their teachers felt like they couldn't give up any valuable instruction worksheet-shuffling time. This made Papi pretty hot under the collar, so we sat the kids down this afternoon and made them drink the Kool-Aid watch the speech. It really was an excellent talk -- important socialist ideas communicated to children in an effective way. I think the President should brainwash address schoolchildren at the beginning of every year. Seems like a good way to pass on communist patriotic values.

But in case your children didn't catch it, here is the video of the speech.


  1. Many teachers (myself included) did not agree with the policy of many schools not to show the speech. My school put so many restrictions on viewing the speech - what happened to respect and critical thinking? Who is making the decisions in our schools - talk radio??

  2. Now your children are indeed "well-red."

  3. I am trying very hard to give our teachers the benefit of the doubt, but all I can come up w/ is:
    a.that having the speech come the day before open house filled them with dread about facing parents the very next day.
    b.perhaps we are the only parents in the school that didn't take it upon ourselves to send a strongly worded email about our objections to "brainwashing" and threatening to withhold any and all add/adhd medications from our children if the speech was shown.

  4. Well, my 7 year old was permitted to watch the speech. Of course, we as parents were more excited than he was. When I asked him what he thought about the speech, he said that frankly, it bored him. "Obama just told us to wash our hands." Those socialist hand washers!!! When I asked him what would have made it more exciting, he said, "Maybe if some Cowboys and Indians would have come out with guns." Go figure.

  5. This whole controversy was ridiculous. Obama is not the first President to address our children nor will he be the last. But I tell you this, the next Republican President who wishes to do this will be met with strong opposition from a group of parents led by me- and I'm a Republican, or at least a former one. This was so disrespectful. I have become so disillusioned in the entire political process this year because of the fractious infighting. Something noble has turned into something so noxious. Im embarrassed by the entire thing. From now on I will vote for whatever is for the betterment of the most Americans. Period.