Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't Worry, There's Something in It for You

So I bought this comforter yesterday. Yes, it's a comforter in a bag from Target: sue me. I needed something easy. It's supposed to be chartreuse, but it looks a little more baby-shit brown in my bedroom. The trim is very dark brown.

This is where it gets difficult: I seriously need some curtains. Right now my bedroom windows are covered with wrapping paper, which is pretty ghetto, even for me. So I need your help in finding curtains. I'm also open to whatever other suggestions you have about the room. Currently it is just a white box with berber carpet. The dresser and closets are built-ins (painted white) so I'm not looking for more furniture, although I am looking to make an upholstered headboard. I was also thinking about these Audubon prints (from a book) for the walls, but now I'm not so sure.

And this was the original inspiration, FWIW:

(more here)

And so to solicit as many replies as possible, I'll sweeten the pot. One commenter chosen at random will win ... let's see what I have in my purse ... a pen from my credit union! And ... a ponytail holder! Okay, and a $10 gift card to Starbucks. Because the least I could do is buy you a couple of pumpkin spice lattes.

Do I need to start all over? I'm not married to the comforter; in fact, I'm a notorious catch-and-release shopper.

So give me your best shot. If you only have ideas, that's cool, but if you can link to curtains/ paint colors/ artwork, etc., that's even better. I'll keep this going for a week and then I'll draw a name of the winner. Thanks everybody!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that your answers should not include paisley anything.


  1. To keep it really simple, I would keep the comforter (unless it is much browner than the chartreuse it claims to be). If you're willing to paint the walls, I'd go with a neutral just dark enough to add a little warmth - a medium taupe-y color, and these cheapo white sheer curtains like I just put in my guest bedroom: You can't tell from the photo (and I'm 90% sure these are the exact ones), but there is a stitched decorative stripe/line that isn't frilly at all, but it adds something to make it look nicer. I still like those prints, and you could use them to get your paint color (especially from the 2nd one). You might want to get this shelf that I've been swooning over for years now: Good luck!

  2. That shelf is great. I have a big, empty wall it would be perfect for.


    Boring, I know, but you wouldn't have to worry about the wall art that way.

  4. Get another cover (or matching sheet) and turn it into either blinds or curtains, or even both. The edges of either, or both, could be done with a brown (a single sheet will do for this) 2 inch bound edge/trim. Paint the walls a Lemon Tree (Little Green Paint & Paper) colour. Use the bird prints, but with very large over scale mats (14 inches top and sides, 16 inches at the bottom) in simple black frames. And maybe some black paper/card lampshades.

  5. Catch-and-release. I think we definitely have that in common. I indulge my commitment problems with white walls, etc., so good luck on the decorating :)

  6. I have been in a real "slacker" mood lately so I will suggest buying another spread and cutting that bad boy up to make window treatments. Sorry but that is the extend of my decorating mode for now. If my mood changes I will hit you back with all of my brilliant ideas...

  7. The comforter you picked is pretty! Besides, I'm a big fan of working with what you've got-- here are a few things that might also fit in your scheme:

    Try Benjamin Moore "Pale Avocado" #2146-40 paint. It's hard to tell if it's exactly the right color, but it might work.

    Ikea "Erslev" white cotton flatwoven rug or Ikea "Egeby" sisal rug (Egeby comes in natural, beige, or light green-- check the colors to see what fits the room)

    Target "Curves Hourglass Chair" in Oyster is really pretty. If that's not in the budget, Target's "Versa" bench is nice and there's some cool Thai silk pillows on the website, too.

    The "Lite Source Quatro Tapered Table Lamp in Dark Bronze" at Walmart seems perfect for bedside tables or at a desk.

    I like a combination of curtains and blinds; Kmart's "Essential Home Tortoise Shell Bamboo Roman Shades" would be pretty for the blinds.

    The Audubon prints should work, especially if you have some chocolate brown frames to put them in.

    That's it for now, hope this is helps (unless you hate my taste!). Sorry, for some reason I wasn't able to cut and paste the links into the comment box.

  8. Oops, just realized you don't need rug or chairs. Sorry, brain was on cruise control.

  9. I actually have both of those audubon prints in my guest bedroom as well as another one. I like them but they seem to be a little on the masculine side. I like how they make the room look kind of formal though.