Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008 Gift Guide: Gifts Gang Agley

Seeing Ben's comment on the Emmet post reminded me of a gift-giving boondoggle a few years ago. Papi and I were still in school and Ben and Sara had just entered their DINK years. I went to Fredericksburg (cute German village in central TX) shortly before Christmas, so I picked up box of miniature jars of artisanal mustard . Ben and Sara gave us ... a 5-piece place setting of silver. "Uh, hey, hope you enjoy that mustard, eh?" I should have bought them the full-size jars: I might have gotten a Mercedes.


  1. Hey now, don't be dissin' the mustard!

    "I love my grandma, but she doesn't like mustard." (Ben, age 5)

  2. Um, yeah. That thing I said in my email about all of us having socialization problems? Case in point.

  3. No! It was such a sweet gift from y'all. I just thought the whole situation was funny.

    Y'all are the best. Ben, you're living proof that good things come from Superfund sites.