Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gift Guide 2008: Future Tense

So this is the present I have for our niece, Grace. The background: Grace's parents are both pediatricians, and she seems to share their interests. She loved the Body Worlds exhibits, and one time when I had to take her to the bathroom, she gave me a play-by-play of what was happening in her intestines. (It's cute in a 6-year-old.)

Shopping at Costco one day, I found a copy of The Way We Work, a new book by David Macaulay (author of The Way Things Work, Castle, Pyramid, and others). As luck would have it, Letitia told me, Macaulay was coming to Houston for a presentation and book signing. I had Mr. Macaulay sign a book for Grace (and one for my kids, of course). When he signed his name, he also drew a chunk of intestine! He was incredibly gracious, and his presentation was great; if he's ever in your town, you should try to go see him.

I don't know if Grace will appreciate the gift this year -- though I think she will -- but I hope that she will love it even more when she's older.

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