Monday, November 17, 2008

Falling in Love Again

Papi and Emmet were at a Cub Scout campout this weekend, leaving me and Becca with some time alone. I was dreading the weekend, because Becca can be pretty difficult, and can wear one’s patience thin in a matter of hours. But we ended up having a great time.

Friday night I took her to Texas Art Supply for the first time. She walked around pointing out everything she wanted to put on her Christmas list (that would be one of everything). Then we went to eat Chinese food – something we can never do with her brother in tow. She showed appropriate reverence for the spicy crispy asparagus (sososososo good). She had me read the menu to her: “Sesame Beef ... Orange Beef ... Happy Family…” and immediately decided on Happy Family. She just liked the sound of it. She ate some of the Happy Family, and some of the Crispy Szechuan Fish, too.

Then we spent some time in Half Price books. She, as usual, wanted anything and everything Disney Princess; unfortunately for her, she is under the thumb of her mother’s mid-life discovery of kawaii, and is being reeducated in childhood heroes. But she skipped merrily out of the store, empty-handed, and went to bed peacefully while I waited for the other shoe to drop.

Saturday morning Becca woke up early, but came into my room and watched tv quietly until I got up at 9. SCORE. Then she ate what she was offered for breakfast – you have no idea what a big deal this is – and cooperated with both a trip to Walgreen’s and a haircut.

Then I loaded her up in the car, and we went downtown to the Prop 8 protest at City Hall. She played with some other kids very nicely, until I had enough of the speechifying, and decided to leave. We went across the street to the library and checked out a few things, then headed to Costco. And, friend, any day that includes a churro is a good day.

So I went from panic, on Friday afternoon – worried about what I was going to do with this little hellion – to happiness. I’m really glad we had a chance to play together one-on-one, so I could fall in love with her all over again. I might even be willing to try it with her brother sometime soon.

Although I don’t think Papi’s bonding experience went quite as well…


  1. The Three Faces of Becca: Warm & sunny, drippy & cranky, & and out-n-out hostile! Love me some Bits!! Of course, she's always the warm & sunny version for the world's greatest Nannie!

  2. Sounds like your Becca and my Molly could have been seperated at birth!

    I too had a weekend with Molly this past, and we had a great time. The one-on-one seems to do something to calm them a little. I believe Molly craves that and her other antics are a cry out for "me time."