Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All About the Girl

Just a quick follow-up: Someone wrote to ask me if Becca is "completely and totally 'typical.'"


No; in fact, it's a REALLY HILARIOUS STORY, GOD. Becca has a seizure disorder, most likely epilepsy. It's controlled by medication ... sort of. But the medication she takes (because the first three failed) is notorious for making kids have "rage" issues not unlike "'roid rage." Big fun at our house.

And the medication has some sort of cognitively inhibiting effect, too. I can tell that there is something going on in her noggin that isn't really coming out in her schoolwork. She comes out as low as the sixth percentile in her standardized test scores. I guess, as her mother, I am just incapable of believing that this is anywhere close to accurate. But it's just a stupid standardized test, so who cares? If the school district is happy, I'm happy.

Also, we recently (last week) figured out that she may be having absence seizures, too. We learned that when the teacher called us in for a conference to tell us that she's having trouble making friends. Oh, and she won't write her test answers; she insists on singing them.

But, you know, other than all that ...

Seriously, next time I'm going to pay for the full-price cabbage patch. I think this one must have been on a Superfund site.


  1. As not-her-mother I have a hard time believing Becca could possibly be in the 6th percentile.

    And, um, that Superfund site comment is just a bit too close for comfort. I'm moving back to the country, now! No more toxic industry for me.

  2. I don't pretend to understand what is going on in Becca's head, but I suspect a couple of things going on with the standardized test. She usually seems to know more than she is willing to let on, and the temptation to fashion the ScanTron answer sheet into characters in Happy Wonky Land was simply too great.

  3. Naw, Becca's definitely got some snap! I think The Test just didn't test for her particular brand of intelligence. Anyone who can make up an song on the spot about the (correct) answer to a test certainly is no dummy! I think The Test is flawed, but hey, I'm in the Becca Fan Club, too!

    I have experienced the "rages" and I know they can be trying...but just remember the glow & warm fuzzy you got when she ordered a "Happy Family"...she GETS it, she just likes to taunt you. Not unlike the OTHER females of this brood!

  4. Singing is good, my daughter sings and talks every second her eyes are open. Let her sing all she wants to, the only thing of importance is that she is getting the answers out. Does not matter if she sings them or puts them on paper. All people should sing more often....