Sunday, June 10, 2007

10 Things I Didn't Know Last Week

1. The Silent Sentinels were a group of women who protested in front of the White House, day and night for two full years, for the cause of women's suffrage.

2. The Bionic Woman is coming back to t.v. this fall in a remake.

3. Actor and senator Fred Thompson was co-chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee.

4. There is a saying about weather, "When pigs carry sticks, the clouds will play tricks."

5. Frank Gehry owns a "Fuck Frank Gehry" t-shirt. (The New Yorker, print only)

6. In Chinese lore, dragons don't breathe fire.

7. Gunter Grass was a member of the Waffen-SS.

8. Roy Oswalt wasn't selected until the 23rd round of the 1996 draft.

9. There is an 8.5% chance that Barry Bonds won't break Hank Aaron's home run record this year.

10. The Swiss guard has undercover officers. (But why would anyone pass up those FABULOUS uniforms?)


  1. As far as women-to-be-feared go, I believe that Sarah Connor is showing up on TV this season as well.

  2. No '6 Million Dollar Man' remake? Guess inflation ruined that intellectual property. No one wants to watch a series about some dude who had Lasik, a Hair transplant, and Lipo.

    Strangely, I found out about Roy's late pick earlier this week but suspect from a different source.

    Also (does best Yakoff Smirnoff impersonation) "in Russia dragon's don't breath fire, Fire breaths dragons."

  3. haha i've got to find my pictures of the swiss guards and my grandmother. we were in italy and she wanted her picture taken with one...she went to put her arm around him and he quickly swatted it away...haha ooops