Friday, June 29, 2007

Braker, Braker, Come In

Has it occurred to anyone else that blogs are to the 00's what CB radios were to the 70's? Meaning that, one day our kids are going to find out that we read -- or, worse, wrote -- blogs and think we were TREMENDOUS dorks. And they'll be right.


  1. About ten years ago, my uncle Wayne asked me what "dot com" meant. After my rather halting explanation, he wondered aloud if this whole internet thing was going to go the way of the CB.

  2. It will only be a "CB" sort of phenomena if it fails. If micropublishing continues -- and all signs point to it doing do -- then our kids will have blogs as soon as they can write.

    (What? E. doesn't a blog yet? I've seen other "under 10s" with blogs.... )

  3. At least we're not podcasting. Podcasting is definitively the new ham radio.