Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Of Whiskey and Writing

You know how you can go your whole life without hearing about something, and then all of a sudden, it's everywhere? Typically this is the result of a massive PR campaign, and I don't feel the need to play along. But here I go, anyway.

Friday, 22 June: John posts about Jura scotch.
Monday, 25 June: The Writer's Almanac points out that it is George Orwell's birthday.
Tuesday, 26 June: The Cool Hunter newsletter arrives in my in-box with a travel piece on the Isle of Jura, where George Orwell retreated to write 1984.

The lodge featured in the Cool Hunter spread looks like a pretty unlikely place for a socialist to write his magnum opus. The pictures are worth a look if you're into shelter porn. But what I really want to know is to what extent these mentions are coincidental. Because I've long suspected that John is a total PR whore.


  1. always happens, and then you wonder, did I really not know about this, and then it is everywhere the moment I discover it, or am I just noticing it more because I just learned about it? Alternatively, John is a PR shill for George Orwell. I'd look into that if I were you. We don't want to all of a sudden start thinking to ourselves, "Some pigs are more equal than others..." when really we need to be thinking about whether or not we need another margarita or bloody maryland.

  2. A while back there was a great deal of speculation on the Orwell newsgroup about whether Orwell nursed apocalyptic hideout thoughts when he picked Jura. Apparently it was a connection to the landowners, however, which is much more mundane.

    A number of people have visited the house he rented, which looks nothing at all like the lodge. I note that somebody's installed electricity and running water now, which probably spoils the fun. It is up for rent, if you're ever in the area.

    I don't recommend the scotch, though. It tastes like diesel fuel mixed with bile.

  3. Nicely done, Mamacita. You baited your hook well, and you predictably reeled the elusive Brumfield in.

    And Ben, we have already established that your ability to judge Scotch properly is severely impaired.