Saturday, June 16, 2007

10 Things I Didn't Know Last Week

1. This year, for the first time, men and women players at Wimbledon will be paid the same prizes in singles and in doubles. Up through last year, women made less than men in singles as well as doubles.

2. Last year the French Open paid women and men in singles the same prizes for the first time, but waited until this year for parity in doubles prizes.

3. Queen Elizabeth I of England has her own website. You can even choose your language: Commonwealth English or American English.

4. Carlo was a rat!

5. Ethiopia has its own calendar, and the current year is 1999.

6. Pope Gregory XVI condemned railroads as "the roads to hell."

7. Flag Day is not a federal holiday.

8. Jose Lima is pitching in the Mexican league.

9. Lisa Lampanelli worked at Spy. (Spy: The Funny Years, print only)

10. The Director of Financial Aid at UT-Austin took kickbacks from lenders.

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  1. Hi, there, I couldn't find your email, so I am just leaving a comment (I met you briefly at the blogging event). Here's that book/essay I was telling you about. Wild Animus by Rich Shapero .

    Oh, when I was younger I would immediately blog about the people I met at the blogging event. Now, though, i value sleep much more than punctuality. Take care.