Monday, June 25, 2007


Online Dating

I am totally insulted. The words that garnered the PG rating were "ass" and "fucking." Oh, yeah? What about "assfucking?" What does that get me?

Do NOT throw down that gauntlet, dude.

That reminds me of the profane game -- you have to type as many swear words as you can think of in sixty seconds. I only managed a 21, but Peetie got a 43. The high score is supposedly over 200, but I call shenanigans on that.

Online Dating

A little more assfucking and we'll get there, people.


  1. Exactly what kind of 12 year old would be interested in your blog anyway? Jeeze.

  2. I know Peetie too well to think she couldn't get at least 100. I think she must be sandbagging for some reason.
    Or maybe she was docked points because of the "as many words as you can THINK of" technicality. It is a well known fact she has some sort of highly specialized ganglia near her vocal cords that insert the obscenities for her, rather than taxing her brain with them.

  3. The problem is that they don't even recognize phrases like "dirty sanchez" as being obscene.

    Also, "donkey show"? Totally cool. I mean with the rating system, not with me. Okay, with me too.