Monday, June 4, 2007

The New Girl

sk*rt is a new site started by the most cromulent ladies of Design Mom, UpsideUp, The New Awesome and Blog con Queso. It is a social bookmarking site for content of particular interest to women. Categories include Fashion, Parenting, Arts/Crafts/Design and "World Wise" (i.e. politics). If their own sites are anything to go by, the creators of sk*rt will definitely have a hit on their hands. So while your geek side can still get a fix at Digg, let your girly side spend some time at sk*rt. I like Rebecca's description best:
"A little bit Martha Stewart, a little bit rock-and-roll."

As it happens, today is the 88th anniversary of Congress' passage of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. So go vote on sk*rt!


  1. How would one pronounce sk*rt? Surely not "S-K-asterisk-R-T"; but it looks most like "skort", wjich would be truly terrifying.

  2. I was pronouncing it Skirt, like the * is the dot of the i and the body of the i is missing.