Friday, June 1, 2007


1. Momergency Kit-- Even if you don't want to carry this around all the time, it gives you some good ideas about what to keep handy in the car (for those times when Cayce's not around with her Magic Van).
2. USBcell-- If you have your computer on constantly, like I do, you might as well be charging some batteries up, too. Then your camera will never run out of batteries at a particularly photogenic moment while you are, say, camping with your children.

3. Twig memory stick-- One more computer accessory. Probably overpriced for what it is, but isn't it cool? The only thing better would be a memory stick made out of a gigantic shark tooth or something. Admit it, that would be kind of awesome.


  1. Modding a memory stick makes for a neat DIY project. I'll have to mention it to Sara for her steampunk blog.

    I can't imagine it would take anything more complicated than a hot glue gun, either. Besides the already-existing memory stick, I mean.

  2. Yes, I told Mamacita last night that CNET modded a floppy disk into a memory stick a few weeks back. It was actually underwelming to see how easily it was done. Endless possibilities... none especially practical.
    But they do look cool.