Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We All Make Mistakes

Five Things No One Should Have Said Last Night

1. "I'll have a drink first and dinner later."
2. "Put Qualls in."
3. "Another margarita, please."
4. "I have faith in the bullpen."
5. "Safe!"

1 comment:

  1. Its not Quall's fault he had a 2nd/3rd baseman behind him playing shortstop. The man is a groundball pitcher and was fillng his part of the bargain.
    Sad to say, but Big E's Astro buddy should have sat the game out, Loretta should have played 3rd, and Bruntlett should have been SS. If not at the start, then definately when they took the 5 run lead.

    Can I pick you up a margarita on the way home? I'm certain there are still some fruit flavors you have not experienced. Perhaps they make a Starfruit Margarita.