Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Abecedary of Pet Peeves

Mamacita is full of piss and vinegar today:

aggressive panhandlers

boutiques that are “curated” rather than “stocked”

Caitlin Flanagan

diapers in the pool -- no I don’t have a better solution, but it’s still gross

electronic toys

French fries that are inadequately salted – what is the point? I ask you.

goody bags at children’s parties – nobody ever thinks to put condoms in there

holy rollers

inflexibility – an inability to change, that is

juvenile sarcasm – you have to be a certain age to earn your cynicism

keeping hats on inside the building

lurkers – you know who you are

Dr. Melfi on The Sopranos

nutrition Nazis

Oprah’s endorsement of The Secret (worse than the book itself)


questions – ask Papi Chulo what happens when you ask me more than two, consecutively

road rage – traffic happens; chill the fuck out

scatological humor

television pundits

use of two-bit words where nickel words would suffice

v.d. – ain’t it a bitch?

writing that is paid by the word (see also: Caitlin Flanagan)

x—the letter; it screws up my abecedary every week (damn Greeks)

Yankees fans

zealots in the La Leche League


  1. That was really refreshing. I always love a good "rage." :)

  2. Hey Jinxy McHexpants, I've never before been served undersalted fries at a restaurant, and then thanks to you and your crazy synchronicity I got some today. I swear they weren't salted at all.