Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gluttony Is So Unattractive

Mike really got me started this time -- I love magazines. I'm almost as bad with them as I am with reading blogs.

I subscribe to The New Yorker, Vogue, Everyday Food, Domino, Cookie, and Martha Stewart Living. I would like to add Budget Travel, Blueprint, Cook's Illustrated, Dwell, Elle Decor, House and Garden, Lucky, and Town and Country.

The kids get Highlights, and I recently started sending American Girl to my niece, Reilly. I also like the Cricket family of children's magazines, but I haven't started the kids on them yet.

It's true that the greatest magazine of all time was Sassy, and I'm glad I was there for it. I wish I had been around for Flair. My first subscription was to YM, back when it was Young Miss (a title that cracks me up today). As a teenager I was also a fan of Life, Texas Monthly, Seventeen, and Mother Jones. Obviously I'm now a very frivolous person; otherwise I might be interested in something of substance, like Art in America, The Economist, or even The New York Times Book Review.

Instead I read my mom's Real Simple; I read O at Home, Veranda, Traditional Home, and Southern Accents at the bookstore. Martha Stewart Weddings is also great for inspiration in general. W has terrific articles -- the fashion industry at its bitchiest -- but the fashion itself is uninspiring. I used to read Allure until I realized I was way too susceptible to buying the products they suggested.

Working Mother makes me want to kill myself. Parenting and Parents are both kind of dull. I tried to read Money and Smart Money, but I don't have enough actual money to implement much of their advice. Bitch is okay, but a little too preachy. I might try Bust again, but I'm really not into Chloƫ Sevigny as a feminist icon, and they, too, veer toward the humorless. (Thumbs up for the "One-Handed Read," though.)

As for Mike's question, what these subscriptions say about me is that I'm a consumerist whore. Oh well.

I've name-checked a whole bunch of magazines here; are there any good ones I'm missing?


  1. Hello! I think I am as addicted to magazines as you are. Yes I'm your swap partner and am looking forward to this swap. Hmmm, what to send. I think we should just send whatever we would like to receive and let it be a surprise. I hope you don't mind posting to NZ. Talk soon! Sarah

  2. I'm a big fan of "WonderTime" -- by the publishers of FamilyFun (which has been recommended to me) -- but sort of a more idealized version of parenting. "How to Skip Rocks" "How to teach your kids persuasive techniques from the Greeks" etc. I think you'd like it.

    And where is Cookie in your list?

    I also like crafty magazines, even though I don't really craft. Adornment, for instance, is good for indie style.

    And if you like business at all I'm a fan of Inc. and Fast Company.

  3. Do you think they matched up flavourito and mamacita on purpose?