Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yo Yo Yo -- It's My 100th Post

That's right, bitches -- 100 posts! I had a whole Thing planned -- the Prosecco is chilling; the white peach purée is ready to go -- but it has been postponed until someone whose initials are Letitia Van Campen* is back in town to help celebrate.

Instead, since I am all about giving, I am going to give something away to a lucky commenter. If you are Encyclopedia Brown, you may have already figured out that I am giving away a jar of Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce, pictured below. This stuff is so good it should be illegal. But while I'm still able to ship it across state lines, here's how you win: leave a comment on this post, and pick a number between one and one hundred. (Don't forget to blow smoke up my ass about how much you love my blog. That part is key.) Whoever picks the number closest to the number I've written down will be the lucky winner.

*Ha! Now a Google search for your name will always turn up my shitty blog.


  1. 53!

    Speaking of which, you have heard of Wikipedia Brown, haven't you?

  2. 25.

    And how many times can I submit a number? 100? :)

    Oh, right, the blowing smoke part of this. I look forward every day to reading what you write. Your example (and community) have prompted me to write more regularly for my blog. I enjoy hearing what Papi y los ninos are doing. In less than 2 months of blogging you've created an abecedary trend -- how cool is that?

    And have I mentioned how much I *need* chocolate?

  3. 74!

    I definitely am a huge fan of "What Would Jane Austen Do?" and I also love chocolate sauce!

  4. Easy, 42.

    Am I right? If not, It doesn't really matter as I have ready access to the fridge and pantry, where I'm sure you will store the prize *laughs maniacly*

  5. 9

    you rock! (sits back wearily and hopes that weak praise will suffice)

  6. 67

    I would also like to bring to your attention the following:
    1. I am, of course, a loyal and devoted reader whose day is regularly brightened by your blog.
    2. I would share the chocolate with you.
    3. I might be convinced to make brioche so that we could stuff it w/ ice cream and truly luxuriate in the chocolaty goodness.

    I suggest hiding the chocolate sauce in a. your car or b. my house. Matt's maniacal laugh worries me.

  7. 10.

    This blog is much better than Cats. I'm going to read it again and again.

    Matt may have continuous access to your likely hiding places for the prize, but remember that I have a key and that E&B like me. Between those two things, I ought to be able to find out where it is and collect it. ;->