Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Should Be Craig Ferguson's Publicist

Need another reason to watch Craig Ferguson? Let's review last night's talk show guests:

Conan O'Brien
Cameron Diaz (if there is a duller person on earth, I have yet to see her)
Johnny Strange, 17-year-old mountain climber (bleh)
Pete Yorn (muted the t.v. for that one)

Dave Letterman
Samuel L. Jackson (no incest questions, so bleh.)
Emeril Lagasse (why?)
Iggy Pop (okay he was kind of awesome)

Craig Ferguson
Michael Musto
Marion Cotillard

Ferguson FTW.


  1. If I only stayed up late enough to watch these shows I would know exactly what you were talking about! :)

  2. WHY isn't he more popular?! Because people aren't as smart as you and I, that's why. Or as twisted. LOVE him. Amanda, do you have tivo or a VCR? RECORD HIM.