Friday, June 19, 2009

Thumbs Up: Wrath

Wrath can be so very entertaining. Here are two of my favorite purveyors of invective:

1. Matt Taibbi:

So step right up and buy your "I'm SEXY enough ... to make you WAIT!" t-shirts, courtesy of the Candie's Foundation -- the pro-abstinence group whose ambassador is now America's most famous "Oh, fuck it, it feels better without the rubber" Supermom, Bristol Palin!
Bonus wrath-- Tom Scocca, on Matt Taibbi: "The cheap vulgarity gets in the way of truly vile and shocking vulgarity." [via The Awl]

more Matt Taibbi:
If Boris Yeltsin ever had a soul, it was not observable in his early biography. He sold out as soon as he could and was his whole life a human appendage of a rotting, corrupt state, a crook who would emerge even from the hottest bath still stinking of booze, concrete and sausage.
2. Amelie Gillette, on one of my pet subjects:
Thomas Kinkade, noted maker of visual Muzak, recently teamed up with his best friend God to scam two former gallery owners out of their life savings. The problem, of course, with running scams with God is that if you get caught and your marks sue you for all the money you and the deity cost them, you'll end up paying for it because God has no money. Which is why Kinkade now owes the gallery owners $2.1 million, not payable in paintings that look as if they were dipped in God's tears.
and previously:
Thursdays are the grandest, sloppiest, grossest days because those are the days I receive my weekly Goop newsletter full of bland useless lifestyle tips that ooze and stink and slop all over my inbox like a bunch of rotten eggs thrown by a woman who probably calls her lifestyle "my vital aspect," Gwyneth Paltrow.
How can you not love Amelie?

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