Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thumbs Up: Sloth

I know you like when I'm caustic and biting, but you'll have to suffer through my happiness this week. I want to give a shout-out to:

1. Laying around on a Sunday morning, catching up on reading. Or maybe not catching up, but getting some reading done. And you know how nice it is to curl up on the couch when it's raining outside? I'm starting to have the same feeling about hiding out in the air conditioning when it's 95 outside. I used to feel guilty about being inside while the sun was shining, but now I think there's a limit to that, and it kicks in around 90 degrees.

2. Nintendo DS games that buy my children's silence. Which games? Don't know, don't care. And I'm feeling only slightly guilty about the bad parenting. I figure by now it's my stock-in-trade.

Thumbs down to:

1. Sunday night television. Seriously, I'm starting to look forward to Monk. We gave up cable about 6 months ago and I still haven't stopped bitching about it.

2. Temperatures so high that even the pool is too hot. Ugh.


  1. yep it was a bit warm yesterday. I hibrnated in the A/C also. I enjoy being outside but it was just too dang hot and summer is just around the

  2. Ugh. 95 degrees? I would take up permanent residence at the movie theater.

  3. Yeah, unfortunately Becca's attention span for movies is about 15 minutes.

    And for the record, it was actually 97.