Saturday, July 7, 2007

10 Things I Didn't Know Last Week

1. Pixar artists consulted with Thomas Keller for their work on Ratatouille.

2. Vegan ice cream, which is made from oats, tastes awful. Take my word for it.

3. Hello Kitty has a pet ... kitty.

4. I'm now too old and dessicated to be an egg donor. Thanks for pointing that one out, Letitia!

5. Washington Nationals pitcher (and Orange native) John Patterson has to go to Canada for treatment of a nerve problem in his elbow. Four previous treatments in the U.S. haven't worked for him, and the new treatment doesn't have FDA approval.

6. Men are just as chatty as women are, they just lied about it in previous studies.

7. A wife's affection is worth $4,802.

8. Evelyn Waugh's father was a sadistic asshole.

9. Houston-based artist Trenton Doyle Hancock has a (very expensive) wallpaper coming out.

10. Your refrigerator should be set at 40 degrees; your freezer at zero.


  1. Regarding the article about the scientific study purporting to show that men say almost as many words per day as women, I would note that it's just one study and that the subjects of the study were college students, who, as we all know, are a bit different from the rest of us. It would have been interesting for the researchers to have broken down the contexts in which the speech took place -- there's a difference between speaking in class in response to questions by the professor and chatting with friends, for example.

  2. Are you making Mamacita's point for her, John?

  3. I don't know what you're talking about, Letitia. Everybody knows that I have no friends and rarely speak.

  4. i soooo want to donate eggs...unfortunately there's not many half black half white women demanding eggs...