Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mamacita's Junkie Confessions

I can't believe I've never told you about the Crack Sandwich. Papi Chulo named it that because I am quite addicted to it. It is available at Stone Mill Bakers and is comprised of: soft jalapeƱo cornbread, the condiment which dare not speak its name, lettuce, smoked turkey (not lunchmeat) and thinly sliced cantaloupe. It is sooo good. I definitely need one today. If you go to the store, you probably want to ask for the #5 (as opposed to "The Crack Sandwich"). I can also highly recommend the sugar cookies there. [Pictured: a fellow junkie. I feel his pain.]


  1. You're right, i do like you. You eat sandwiches with smoked turkey (not lunchmeat) and cantaloupe. And you know how to spell the word definitely. I'll be back.