Thursday, July 19, 2007

Introducing the Blogging Friends of Mamacita: Part I

I've been unusually busy this week and haven't prepared much for this here blog. Will that stop me from posting? Of course not. Today seems like a good day to introduce the friends whose blogs I have listed off to the right.

Biddy's World is run by the most excellent Biddy, and is that felicitous combination of funny and frequently NSFW. She is my spiritual twin (except she's all talented and crafty and stuff) and, as it happens, almost my real twin except she is years younger than I am and also half black. But other than that ...

And I think it's really swell of her to keep a countdown to my birthday on her front page :-)

Blog con Queso
is run by Girl con Queso, who sometimes goes by "Laura." I call her my friend because I met her one time in person, so that totally counts. She is also one of the four ladies behind sk*rt, where no one ever votes for the stuff I find, but I post it nonetheless.

is the brilliant and inspiring Danielle, who recently moved to Chicago. She loves and posts about all kinds of food, and she has two of the cutest kids anywhere. I haven't met Danielle, but she sent me cookies one time, so of course she's WAY up on my list of favorite people.

Helmet of Mambrino
is the brainchild of Mike Van Campen, husband of my dear friend Letitia (whom I plan to hit up for babysitting services soon, so let's call her a dear dear dear friend). Mike is one of those in the new generation of cool librarians (as is Letitia). Mike likes books, banjos, bluegrass, birding and baseball. He's gonna have to branch out if he plans to challenge me on my Abecedary Throne.

Dammit, now I have to go be busy again. Second installment later today.


  1. Biddy is Honored...but what the heck is NSFW?

  2. awww, you are one of my favorites too.

  3. That totally counts. Thanks for the shout out. Crocs for evah.