Monday, July 2, 2007

Supersize This, Morgan Spurlock

You may be pleased to know that, the next time you need to take your children to McDonald's to eat some nutritionally suspect food and play on a bacterially suspect playground, you can take your laptop along and, for $2.95/2 hour block, connect to the tubes of the interweb.


  1. i noticed that yesterday...hmmm ronny mac with a laptop...scary thought!

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  3. I thought the Dude was Dairy Queen.

  4. Sorry, that is what I meant, 'Dairy Queen'. Ohh How I wish I could edit posts... OK Trying again
    The Dairy Queen down on 249 about 1/2 distance to my office has FREE wireless access. I did a concall there December-before-last when I realized I wouldn't make it to the office on time.
    Nothing makes angry Germans more palatable than chowin' down on some fries and a 'Dude'* whilst they yell at you.

    *Maybe I should have said 'chicken fried steak sandwich' to make that less awkward...

  5. The Dude is perfect for a con call with Germans. Not only does it taste good, but thinking about how a German would react when confronted with a Dairy Queen can't but help to make the situation more bearable.