Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Mother's Day Idea

Take a look at the precious little angel sleeping below. Isn't she adorable? Her mom says, "Chloe is all dressed up in her adorable crocheted dress and tights, for a trip to Grandma's. Bathed, fed, and very sleepy, she just couldn't stay awake any longer."Except Chloe isn't a human baby; she's a vinyl doll. Welcome to the spectacularly creepy world of "reborns." Crafters (not content to be cat ladies, like the rest of the nutjobs in town) take ordinary vinyl dolls and go to elaborate lengths to make them even more lifelike. In Chloe's case, "her realistic complexion and blushing were accomplished with non-toxic, Genesis Heat-Set paints, applied in several layers and baked after each layer."

(Chloe's brother, Connor)

P.S. Dude, the artist has a blog. I'm not gonna link it, because I don't want the crafty-types to flood me with indignant comments, but here's a money quote about one of her newest creations: "I am having a hard time finding something cute to fit Ethan. I really don't like to sew and it's too hot now for a crocheted outfit."


(In case you're looking for a new hobby, click here.)


  1. OMFG, that is too creepy. Both Chloe and Connor look like dead babies. Looking at their puckered mouths makes me want to poke a straw through the latex lips to give them some much needed Pedialyte! WHO BUYS THIS SHIT?

  2. Apparently, John Waters has one of these that he keeps in the trunk of his car and pulls it out on appropriate occasions.

  3. WHOA. This is so very disturbing, esp the last bit about it being too hot for crochet. OMFG is right.

  4. So gross. What is wrong with people?