Monday, May 19, 2008

The Next President of the Mamacita Fan Club

A lesson in being careful what you wish for on Technorati:

from Finance Is Fun

This first one puzzled me no end. I couldn’t find an about page but it appears to be a blog about the egocentric meanderings in the lesbian life of its author (ess) and how it is connected to Jane Austen except through a life lived separate but equal I can only guess.


  1. jeese mama - gay not gay - who cares- never even crossed my mind your a great read - in my land - the gay women i know dont enjoy mac and cheese nearly as much, coach t- ball or attend pta meetings. wouldn't dare trust the idiot with my financial success . Clearly clueless despite the fact that he has always blogged.

  2. Mamacita, I am snorting with laughter over here and dangerously close to peeing my pants.

    I hope you don't blame Susannah and me for making the internet think that you are an egocentric lesbian. Sweet Jeebus! I think you should integrate that into your blog title and generate a ton of new traffic!

  3. "The pictures and attitudes are great though. Invigorating."

    I guess the link only takes so many characters. But the quote above was the tag line that got left off. On the other hand, I was trying to elicit a response that told me more about your site and what it is about. So what's with the Jane Austen aside from what I said about the separate but equal attitude?

  4. Thanks for reading, rhbee. I just thought that "egocentric meanderings" was a funny line. I mean, that's pretty much the way of the blog, isn't it? Also, I am not actually a lesbian in practice.

    But I do appreciate the words of praise. It's just not in my nature to report those along with the criticism.

    The Jane Austen thing is because of a favorite quote from her, in a letter to her sister about the novels of the day: "Pictures of perfection, as you know, make me sick and wicked."

  5. Serendipity do. That quote so fits what I saw in your mix of pics and lascivious winks.

  6. Mamacita (and I just love typing that name by the way) I only just found your blog and it is my new FAVOURITE! So there. I spell favourite with a U on purpose by the way.

    You rock. You're going on my blogroll you witty, concieted, self-centered, egocentric lesbian blogger. Heh!

  7. Thanks, Saucy. Now let us see your blog! Blogger says your profile is private.