Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Really, You First

Is anybody else a little frightened by this? In case you haven't been watching Bravo, this is apparently a set of K-Y jelly intended for use by a couple. Supposedly, the two formulas work together in some exciting way, which just makes me think about baking soda and vinegar. I hope they're not made from that.

You can get a coupon here if you want to try it and report back to us.


  1. Ha! It reminds me of the vibrating ring (G-rated version) or (PG-rated version) from Durex that got a lot of commercial time during the holidays (either xmas or Valentine's I think). The thing that mildly shocked me the most was that these rings were up at the checkout counter, next to the regular condoms, candy and chewing gum!

    Polls say that italian couples are the most satisfied. I wonder what the Pope would say. Go figure...

  2. lol I'm getting terrible images of a kids science volcano explosion --what happens if one is flying solo? rotflmao!