Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Friend Clinton

Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear has a website! I saw the link when I was digging around in SGM's archives for material to steal quote. It gets better, though.

Clinton has produced a line of clothing for Denim & Co., which is sold on QVC. In fact, his line debuted Tuesday at 10 a.m. I think it might repeat on Friday at 3 p.m., so I set the DVR in anticipation. (So yes, Papi, I am recording QVC; don't mess with it).

Anyway, Mr. Kelly is also making an appearance within 50 miles of my house. He will be at the Macy's in Pearland on July 31 at 6 p.m. You will want to call the r.s.v.p. line early, before the Chronicle's shopping blogger lets the cat out of the bag. (She told the whole universe about my favorite shop, too.) Because I am NICE, I will tell you to call 713-405-6975. The line isn't open yet, but it's not too early to start trying. And Clinton promises not to critique your outfit unless you want him to.

N.B. to Clinton: Tell your web designer that it is an act of aggression to have music play automatically while your site loads. Thx.


  1. Mamacita, my heart is pounding--you must document EVERYTHING! And tell him that I LOOOOOOOVE him.

    I will definitely look at his clothing line, even if it is from QVC. He would not screw a girl over!

  2. Roo & me a spot if you can. We're both enamoured with this power couple and meeting even half of them would make our summer! Lemme know how much for a ticket!

  3. Mamacita - please! Touch him for me. I know he's probably gay, but he is my secret boyfriend anyway.

  4. Mamacita, I think Clinton has to be every girls' dream guy. Cute, charming, witty and he loves clothes.
    Thanks for sharing the info about the website - I will check it out now!
    (Of course Stacy is brilliant also.)