Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So, I'm going camping with my family this weekend. I wouldn't really call it a family reunion, since we see each other constantly, but it is a pretty fun time. Matt, E & B and I will not be roughing it in a tent -- we will be sharing a hotel room with my parents and Nonnie. We will spend all day and evening at the campsite, though. The hotel is just for sleeping (without bugs and with air conditioning, thankyouverymuch).

We never make anything more gourmet than fajitas; cold cuts figure prominently in the weekend menu. Still, Chow has a special section on campfire cooking. I'm thinking that Boozy Campfire Cheese is something I need to look into.

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  1. KB, I think the bacon cheese burgers are pretty gourmet. The Red Hill Toast may not appear on any menus in the greater Houston area, but its all about the ambiance. As far as the liquored-up cheese though, I think I'll just have some dip and drink a beer.