Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome, EmilyStyle Readers!

And mille grazie to Emily for the link! She asks a great question that I actually hadn't thought of when I started the site: who would be on your cosmic board of directors? Isn't that a great tag?

It's a slightly different question than, "What persons, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?" Coco Chanel, for example, would be great fun at a dinner, but I would have a few concerns about her moral compass (those troublesome dalliances with Nazis). Also, when answering this question, I always try to keep in mind that a good dinner party needs talkers as well as listeners -- you have to be sure to invite some of those, too.

Anyway, about that board of directors: for myself, I would choose Jane Austen, of course (I named the blog after her because of her quote up there on the banner). Others from the literary world: Nora Ephron and Miss Manners (Judith Martin)*. For style, Babe Paley, Kate Spade and Diana Vreeland; not to mention Lilly Pulitzer, not even so much for style as for her infectious sense of fun. Also, most definitely, Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinem.

But since I have read all of those books, I feel like I do consult all of these ladies on a regular basis.

Thanks again Emily!

*BTW, have you ever read her fiction? Thoroughly enjoyable.

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