Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Road to Hell

I think it's probably a good idea, from time to time, to review some of the stellar pieces of advice I have offered in this forum and assess their viability. I shall rate them on a bullshit scale, where 1 is kitty litter and 5 is the Augean Stables. To wit:

1. I did not make it to the Farmers' Market at all yesterday, in spite of my statement that it was my "mission" for the day. I went to the mall instead. BS Rating: 3

2. I wore the sandals I mentioned in the Mom Shoes post to a gravel-lined playground yesterday. I got gravel all in my shoes and was totally miserable while I was there. BS Rating: 4

3. Two of my friends have bought new bras lately, well under $39, and they both look like they've lost 10 pounds. I, however, still need to replace my expensive, stretched-out number from almost 4 years ago. Total hypocrisy! BS Rating: 5


  1. Well, there goes my plan to start a blog specifically about your unceasing hypocracy.

  2. Well, did you at least see something interesting at the mall? There will be other days for lemon-flavored hummus, and wouldn't regular hummus be better, anyway?

  3. John,
    You clearly didn't taste the lemon hummus. It was pure summertime joy.

  4. good to know we're STILL on the bra topic - i was getting worried that one might die out...