Friday, May 25, 2007


A peel-and-stick chalkboard from Wallies.

Via Apartment Therapy: The Nursery and Bohemian Funk

From the minds behind Flav-Or-Ice: Sipahh Straws, which contain gel capsules of flavor (chocolate, strawberry, banana or cookies-and-cream). The straws flavor milk but use less product, and thus less sugar, than traditional flavoring methods. Available at Walgreens. I hope Clark Griswold got a raise for this one.

Blister cushions stay on better than Band-Aids, are way more comfortable and make your blister heal faster. But you know what's totally wack? New-Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage. Cut your foot off at the ankle with a chainsaw and it would be less painful.


  1. Wonder if the wallies blackboard will look as bad/messy after you erase it the first time as the blackboard paint does?

    And those sipah straws are a bit wierd...

  2. I am impressed by the blister skin product, it worked really well.

    There are two camps on the sipah straws in the house. Emmet is on the fence, but Becca tries to use them to choco-pimp whatever she is drinking (water, juice, you name it.) The good news is that they can't be spilled when she decides to make her own 'snack' - which is anytime you don't have both eyes on her. Now if they could only encapsulate peanutbutter somehow.

  3. What about those pretzel sticks stuffed with peanut butter?

  4. Haven't bought the pretzel sticks with peanut butter. Sounds like they would save some mess. However, I don't think my kids could leave it at that -- they would demand MORE p.b.

  5. Will my wallies come complete with a house in the Hamptons to go to? Sign me up.

  6. No, you just get the visit the Hamptons. You do get a free dental appointment though.